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Fun With Trello

Get productive!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve decided to become more productive by doing things rather than not do things. One of the biggest time sucks I pinpointed was browsing Reddit, so I decided to just completely stop. Suddenly, I found HOURS per day to do things that I’ve been beating myself up for not finishing.

Now, the next big question: what should I do?

Task Management

The big problem here is that I have a bunch of different things going on (as you might glean from this blog): software projects, woodworking projects, home repairs and improvements,...

I know I don’t talk about work or work-related subjects very frequently, but considering how much of my time it takes up, I’ve started to wonder why not. I mean, it can’t be all because of NDA’s and trade secrets and the like. After all, let’s face it, nothing I’ve done in the last 5 years has been highly cutting edge or completely unique. Perhaps I’ll discuss why that’s not depressing to me later. In any case, I have some thoughts to share on lots of different subjects: why things matter and/or why they don’t matter, mostly.

To kick things...

I got an idea for a custom-purpose robot. Basically, the idea is to make something which is able to take a DVD off a stack of DVDs and put it in a DVD tray. Then, the computer rips the DVD to a movie file. Once the rip is done, the DVD tray opens up. The robot should then take the DVD out of the tray and move it onto a “ripped” stack, pick up a new DVD, and repeat the process.

This is going to be an interesting problem. There are several different components of this which need to work...