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October is here!

Okay, I admit it. I ran out of dedication. I have in the past 2 weeks, I've missed  half of my days. I think that part of the reason there is feedback; I am too nervous/shy/whatever to say "hey, you wanna see a card trick" to adults, but don't feel like Cora gives me a proper audience since she's 6. Without feedback, showing the tricks is hard to get right.

Any rate, I'm actually pretty pleased overall though; I started with more than a week left in August, so I did more than 30 days total, and I think that...

Yeah, I figured it would end up being this. I mean, I really want to learn how to do neat card tricks (not that I have an audience, but still) and I've been watching videos of them for some time. I was trying to do something else, but I figured "why wait? 30 Days is for me to do what I want; I don't need to balance things from want to need to whatever else".

And so I decided that I'm going to do magic! For the next 30 days (plus 11 because I'll just carry it through the end...

10 Days In

I have 10 days down and am right on track. However, I had a thought about the rules of this thing. I think it's time to update the rules. Oh, and probably time to write out the rules or something. Maybe. Perhaps.

So, the thought I had was that there are two different types of things I've been looking at adding to my 30 Days task calendar and, as such, I should probably treat them differently.

First, there are the open-ended things which I can theoretically continue forever. Some examples:

  • Take a picture every day
  • Practice a skill every...
Back At It

I'm back at it! Well, right this very instant, I'm typing this before I get back at it. Probably not the best strategy, but screw it!

Any rate, I mentioned gamifying this, adding metrics, etc. Unfortunately, I don't recall what exactly I had in mind (or if, indeed, I had anything specific in mind), so I guess I'll just have to wing it!

Gamifying to me means that you make a game out of it, which adds the concepts of scoring, set bounds, and winning or losing. Once this is a game, it's a challenge. An example of this would be...

Ramblings in Carmel

So, I'm not going to be able to process 100 photos per day today or tomorrow; I'm enjoying a nice weekend in Carmel with Shanin. Darn!

This brings to mind what the 30 Day challenges mean to me. As mentioned, it's a way to improve myself gradually; one thing at a time. Also, it gives me a chance to see if I take to any particular things without putting a bunch of effort, time, or money into it -- just get my toes wet, as it were. Some months, like this one, it will be things I want to accomplish...

I haven’t posted an update since December 2015 and that’s a long time. It is time to remedy that! Therefore I’m going to start posting on a regular basis again, yaaaay!

Generally, I’m gonna be posting the same mix of stuff, filling in some of what has gone on in the 15 month gap, and then posting updates on my projects.

Sounds like fun, right? I’m stoked! Can’t wait to get the next post up. See you then!

Updated Meta tags

Hey all, since I gave you the Tumbler timelapse two days early, I’m taking this opportunity to do a little upkeep and behind-the-scenes modifications. All I’ve done is update the OpenGraph meta tags so my posts show up better on Facebook.

That’s it.

Nothing else.

No, seriously.

New Site Layout!

Hey all, in lieu of finishing the field encapsulation series, I thought I’d bring you this announcement: I made my site prettier! Woo! Please take a look around and tell me what you think!

I based this on a couple sources. The main structure and many of the accoutrements are based on KenMercusLai’s theme BT3-Flat and the color scheme came from’s theme Mongoose. The pictures on the main page are all ones I took; I’ll be changing them up from time to time as I go through old images or take new ones I like.

It took...


Just wanted to put this down as the first post in my new daily journal! It’s far too late (12:23am on Friday morning) for me to write much, but I will say that Friday will be another day with much tired happening! Hopefully, one of these days I’ll actually start getting better sleep. Until then, there’s coffee!