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Timelapse time again! This time, it’s the massive Crawler Crane (#42042), complete with various actions!


This moves forward, pivots, and the crane… picker upper thingy goes up and down, and the scaffolding for the crane also raises and lowers. It’s pretty great!

I tested its lifting capabilities using a glob of 4 packs of Bucky Balls which weigh close to 1 kg and, while it bogged down, it actually lifted them and was able to turn! The second half of the video below is sped up by 2x, so it took a while, but it’s understandable considering


Hey all, finally did another timelapse of LEGO assembly. Today’s treat is the venerable Coruscant Police Gunship (set #75046) from the Clone Wars flavor of Star Wars.


My buddies Jordan and Angela got it for me for my birthday (thanks!) and so last night I whipped it all together. I used the same method for the timelapse as I did for the Tumbler, and it really makes creating these things super easy! Check it out!


logo After I posted how much purchasing a console and ALL the sets for LEGO Dimensions on Facebook, my buddy asked “Yes, but how many hours of entertainment will it provide? If you completely neglect all of your responsibilities and assign a ridiculously high value to recreation, it’ll pay itself off in days”

My response: That’s how I typically do my calculations. My typical “entertainment” value is the movie: $15/100 minutes or ~$9.00 per hour. That’s easily “worth it” to me, because I have no problem dropping that $$ for a movie. At that level, for the...

Okay, so I’m supposed to wait till Tuesday to release this post… but I don’t want to wait. I think this is damn cool, and I’m gonna share it with you NOW! I made a timelapse of assembling The Tumbler!

The Tumbler

As you may know, I really like Batman. I mean, I’m not a fanatic or anything, but I’ve seen all the recent live-action movies, played the recent video games, etc. I liked the first two iterations of the Tim Burton reboot of Batman, the ones with Michael Keaton, and bought the model of The...

In preparation for other ideas, I decided to try out a few things to make a timelapse of me building one of my recent LEGO purchases, set 10246, the Detective’s Office. And here it is! Video first, details later, right?

I’ve been wanting to get another modular building to go with my Grand Emporium set, but just hadn’t gotten together enough desire and money to get it. So, I saved up and got the Detective’s Office. I really wanted to get the Palace Theater, but they didn’t have it in stock;...

DVD Rip Automation Robot, episode 2

This just illustrates more issues with the bottom tread-feeding from a stack. I think I could probably get it to work, but I'm thinking of trying something different: using a bar or something to push one disk off the stack, either from the bottom or from the top. If it's from the top, then I have to keep moving the stack up; I don't really want to do that as I'll have to use more motors for that. However, I think it would be fairly easy to do: one motor...

I got an idea for a custom-purpose robot. Basically, the idea is to make something which is able to take a DVD off a stack of DVDs and put it in a DVD tray. Then, the computer rips the DVD to a movie file. Once the rip is done, the DVD tray opens up. The robot should then take the DVD out of the tray and move it onto a “ripped” stack, pick up a new DVD, and repeat the process.

This is going to be an interesting problem. There are several different components of this which need to work...