# Neo-HPSTR Jekyll Theme Neo-HPSTR Jekyll is a responsive and modern blog template. # Live Demo You can see it running [here](http://blog.rhesoft.com/) and [here](http://aronbordin.com/neo-hpstr-jekyll-theme/). ## What Neo-HPSTR brings to the table: * Modern design. * Responsive templates for post, page, and post index `_layouts`. Looks great on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. * Gracefully degrades in older browsers. Compatible with Internet Explorer 8+ and all modern browsers. * Sweet topbar animated menu with support for drop-downs. * Optional [Disqus](http://disqus.com) comments and social sharing links. * [Open Graph](https://developers.facebook.com/docs/opengraph/) and [Twitter Cards](https://dev.twitter.com/docs/cards) support for a better social sharing experience. * Simple [custom 404 page](http://mmistakes.github.io/hpstr-jekyll-theme/404.html) to get you started. * Stylesheets for Pygments and Coderay [syntax highlighting](http://mmistakes.github.io/hpstr-jekyll-theme/code-highlighting-post/) to make your code examples look snazzy * Author panel, with social links * Read more tag support(similar with Wordpress ). ![Preview](http://aronbordin.com/images/neo-hpstr-jekyll-theme-preview.png) --- ## Getting Started Neo-HPSTR takes advantage of Sass and data files to make customizing easier. These features require Jekyll 2.x and will not work with older versions of Jekyll. To learn how to install and use this theme check out the [Setup Guid](http://aronbordin.com/neo-hpstr-jekyll-theme//theme-setup/) for more information.


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