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Slouchy Beanie

The latest in my “Knitting on the Train” series is a slouchy beanie!

Slouchy beanie

It took me a few days to make, but I think almost half of that time was only the last few rows. I knit this one in the round, using a broken rib stitch (one row knit-purl, one row all knit). This was almost my first time using double-pointed needles; that’s why the last few rows were so tough!

Slouchy beanie on me

I kinda like the way it fits; not too tight, doesn’t really have a beanie look....

Cora's New Scarf

Because there’s only so many things I can make for myself, and because I am enjoying knitting on the train (except for the nasty knot I get between my left shoulder blade and my spine), I decided to make Cora a scarf.

Moss stitch scarf

We went to Michael’s and I let her pick out the yarn; this one is… red. And very soft. And… bulky weight? I forgot to write the details of the yarn down. Any rate, red is Cora’s favorite color (and she picked it out), so it works.

When it came to the...

So, one of the hobbies or crafts or whatever I’ve gotten into from time to time is knitting. I made a pretty nice scarf for Shanin, a matching hat (kinda had trouble joining it up on top), and a scarf and a hat for my brother Lucas (neither of which were very good). Recently, I’ve gotten back into it a little. I made a scarf for Cora and one for myself (will have other post(s) for those later) and was happy with the way Cora’s turned out.

Because I like hats, I decided to knit a hat for myself. I...