A Chair for Andrew

published on 2015-03-21

Since I’m preparing a couple more in-depth posts and will be occupied with other things on Saturday, I’m gonna release this post early AND it’s gonna be a brief one about something I knocked together a few months ago: a Green Bay Packers themed Adirondack-style chair. I made this for my brother Andrew because he is a pretty big Packers fan and… well, because it just kinda sounded like a good idea.

The chair

It was pretty stressful making it as I didn’t give myself much lead time; my wife and I only decided it was a good idea a couple weeks before Christmas, so I was on a tight schedule, especially considering how much painting I’d have to do.

Building it was simple enough; I got some 2x6s and resawed them to 1x6 size, then cut out all the pieces, rounding over the sides which would be exposed. I followed plans I purchased from Matthias Wandel, a very interesting Canadian woodworker and engineer. You should check out his site; I got my plans here. Putting it together was a little challenging when attaching the back; the rest of it went smoothly enough. However, painting it was… interesting.

First, I had to spray on primer so the green would keep; I did this in two sections (the bottom and the back) and hung them from the rafters in my garage to spray all sides. I got about three coats on and let it dry at least overnight. Next was to shoot the green all over; same process, all sides, three coats. then came the interesting part: how to put down the logo.

At first, I considered getting a decal, but I realized I had nowhere near enough time for it to get here and for me to test applying it. So, I started hatching a plan for making a stencil and using it to paint. I started by painting on the white ‘G’ first. Of course, after that, there needed to be touch-ups to the green, so those were applied. Aaaaaaand since I’m not too steady of hand, I then had to do touch-ups to the white due to overzealous green touch-ups. Then came the yellow strip and more touch-ups. And then more touch-ups.

Finally, I let the whole thing cure for about two days before strapping it onto my car, scratching my roof, and drove through rain (didn’t know it was going to rain, darn it!) 90 miles to get to my folks house where we were doing Christmas. All that, and I think it was worth it:

The reaction