Shoe Bench, part 1

published on 2014-08-07

I’m making a bench for shoes, both to store them and for sitting on to put them on. I’ve decided to use stuff that I already have as much as possible because I have it and want to get rid of it (and to save money). I’ve also decided to do a bunch of hand work, partly because I want to learn and partly because I don’t have an alternative in some cases. Any rate, I’m just kinda making it up as I go along, but the top and shoe rails are going to be beech, stained with the ebonizing stuff made by steel wool and vinegar, and the sides are going to be thinned out 2x4 (of which I have plenty) painted white.

Planing the top

Planing the top

Glue up

Glue up

There are some cracks in the top, so I’m hand-cutting some butterflies

Hand cutting butterflies

First butterfly, clamping up the second one. There are five in total.

One in place


I ended up using part of the top meant for this for my monitor stand and another part for the Fencerator-9000