And I'm Done!

published on 2017-08-18

Finished with the photos today; I guess now I have to figure out what's next. I'll transfer a few extra bucks to my savings account for my reward. Perhaps I'll use the money to buy one of the cameras I've been looking at. Or something; who knows?

On to what's next. I'm thinking to continue with either baseball cards or with posters; one of the other there's-an-end-to-the-project things. Hmmm...

(opens, enters "coin flip")

Comes up heads; guess that's posters.

So, the task now is to go through my posters and photograph them and catalog them. I don't know how many I have, so I don't know what a reasonable number to do per day is going to be... at least in order to complete it in the remaining time of the month.

Oh, did I mention that? I wanna try to complete this task by the end of the month; that way when the next month comes, I'm free to start my next 30 Days thing... I'll have to figure out what I wanna do then, but I'm thinking magic.

Any rate, for the remainder of this month, I have 14 days. I don't think I have more than 100 posters (could be wrong), but I'm thinking... if I do 10 per day, that gives me a total of 140. The "doing" is to triage, determine whether I want to keep, sell/give away, or toss the poster. If toss, just toss it. If keep, determine where it's going to be displayed. If sell or give away, then take pictures and list it. I should be able to get through all that for 10 posters per day. Day 1 will be focused on setting up, finding a place to take the pictures; lighting, background, camera positioning, etc. I may have to get a piece of poster board in order to set it up, but that's okay. If I complete all the posters before September, then I can have another reward. Yay!

Well, I'm super happy about finishing, proud of myself for plugging through and doubling my photo number, and am looking forward to this project! It feels good to churn through old backlogs.