And, Done With the Posters!

published on 2017-08-20

Yeah, so that took significantly less time than I'd imagined. All the posters are all photographed, I've thrown some away, and I've created a post on imgur ( which shows the posters I am gonna try to give away. Or sell. There's a couple which may get me some money, but looking at eBay I don't expect to get a bunch. Oh well, c'est la vie. If nobody at work or on Facebook wants them, I'll try listing them for like $15-20 each plus shipping; a poster tube is going to be about $2.50 per, and if I can get them to cover shipping, then I stand to get about $10 off them. Honestly though, I'd be surprised if I sold any :-)

Any rate, I can't do anything more with this until Monday with work, so I gotta figure something else out. Baseball cards? Baseball cards.