10 Days In

published on 2017-08-11

I have 10 days down and am right on track. However, I had a thought about the rules of this thing. I think it's time to update the rules. Oh, and probably time to write out the rules or something. Maybe. Perhaps.

So, the thought I had was that there are two different types of things I've been looking at adding to my 30 Days task calendar and, as such, I should probably treat them differently.

First, there are the open-ended things which I can theoretically continue forever. Some examples:

  • Take a picture every day
  • Practice a skill every day
  • Exercise or do something else good for me every day

The other type of things are close-ended things which will be done at some point. I brought these up as things I may not want to continually do. Some examples:

  • Process 100 photos every day (there's only a certain number of photos before I'm done, even if I change my definition of "process")
  • Process my baseball cards or posters (I have a finite collection)

As you may recall, for the latter, I've questioned whether these should even be in the 30 Days thing or if I should just do them separately, and ultimately agreed to keep them in because it's still personal improvement and it will help me get into the habit of doing a thing every day.

I'm going to stick by this, however I think I'll give myself a reward if I complete them early. The reward? Why not LEGOs? I have a bunch of VIP points and I have a set I want to part out. So, from here on, they count toward 30 Days, but if I complete them early, I can start another 30 Days thing early (perhaps even getting more than 30 Days on it), and I can get some more LEGOs. Nothing ridiculous; maybe $40 limit or so. If using VIP points, don't get a bunch; just some.

That's it; back to the month!




Back At It

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