Back At It

published on 2017-08-07

I'm back at it! Well, right this very instant, I'm typing this before I get back at it. Probably not the best strategy, but screw it!

Any rate, I mentioned gamifying this, adding metrics, etc. Unfortunately, I don't recall what exactly I had in mind (or if, indeed, I had anything specific in mind), so I guess I'll just have to wing it!

Gamifying to me means that you make a game out of it, which adds the concepts of scoring, set bounds, and winning or losing. Once this is a game, it's a challenge. An example of this would be to try and get the best time for completing a task. "You got it in 15 minutes? Let's see if you can finish in 14!" Another example would be to accrue a certain amount of points with which to "win", like getting 301/501 in darts. A third example is to try and get up to the max points possible as in bowling.

In any case, having some sort of quantification involved. One thing I might want this for is to be able to gain some reward at the end of the 30 days; get all of them, buy a LEGO set or something. Perhaps I can create two different lists of 30 Day candidates, one which I want to do (e.g. learn card magic), one which I feel I should do (e.g. process baseball cards or posters). Then, if I get above a certain score threshold, I can choose from the "want" list; if I don't, I get the "don't want" list.

Also, take the example of this weekend. If I did 300 today, I would have processed the same number of photos for the month; does it count in that case? Or is it more the fact that I sat down and did it?

Man, this was supposed to be something fun; now there's all these questions! I suppose I'll get better at this over time as I answer all of them. For now, back to my photos!




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