The Worst Tragedy in History

published on 2015-08-04

I have a tragedy to report. Last month, one of the bastions of history has melted away. Southern Lumber, the most awesomest place to go for wood in San Jose, has closed its doors after 110 years in the business. The worst thing is that the business was still profitable; the owner just wanted out and, instead of selling the store to someone who would keep it open, just sold it to some real estate folks.

It was a shock; I was going there to price out some stuff and I get there and see “Permanently closed” on the door. I was sad, angry, overwhelmed, and lost. I LOVED this place! A huge selection of everything I could want when it comes to wood. Good location. Friendly and knowledgeable people. All gone now. Hell, I even have pictures of Cora there! (… somewhere; I was going to attach, but for a reminder of why I didn’t please read this blog post)

Well, at least I found this other place called Aura Hardwoods. The weird thing about them is “prices change so rapidly” that they don’t post the price next to their wood; you have to find what you want and go to the checkout. Very annoying. There are a couple other places I’m going to check out also, but I feel like some of the magic is gone. Sigh.

Life is so hard for me :-(