Cora's Playhouse, part 4

published on 2015-04-07

Okay, so I’m not going to gripe too much about having a rainy day. I mean, we need the rain. We’re in a drought. All the water helps. It’s just one day. Everything is fine.

Bah, it’s a lie. I really wish it wasn’t raining so I can work on the playhouse some more. I’m poised to make a ton of progress in the next couple days, and I can’t do that if it’s raining! I mean, Saturday, I went to the wood store to get the remaining 2”x4”, 2”x6”, 2”x8” and 1”x6” lumber I need to do the roof’s ridge rail, the rafters, the railing, and the barrier under the railing. Yesterday, I went back to the store (I think they love me at Southern Lumber!) and got a bunch of plywood and siding (had to rent a truck; getting 4’x8’ sheets of plywood in an Outback is an exercise in futility) so I could bang that out today. I was READY!


(note: the clamps are in place to keep the sheets from falling over; it’s been kinda windy, and the 1/4” is both on the outside due to bad planning AND is wavy, meaning it could be flung by a stronger gust; just clamping the wood together adds a stupid amount of rigidity and stability)

Oh well, I’ll just take today to do a bunch of prep work. Can’t do much with the plywood until I get the final dimensions from the completed playhouse, so I’ll leave that be. So, I did the cuts I could and that would make sense given the setting. I cut most of the rafters (there are a couple which I need to measure in place), the ridge rail, and the ridge cap, so all I’ll need to do is measure the bird’s mouth cut I’ll have to do on one rafter, then replicate it on the rest. Then all will go up easy-peasy.


After finishing that, I wanted to do something else since I had all my stuff out, so I started work on a pencil holder… well, that was the idea; now it’s wider than a coffee mug, so it might be something else. I bought a scrap piece of bubinga while at the lumber store on Saturday, so I resawed it to be narrower, cut it into 8 strips with a 22.5 degree camber on either end, and glued them all up into an octagonal shape. After it dries, I’ll just find a flat piece of… something, I don’t care what, glue it to the bottom, and cut it out. Maybe I’ll add a shadow-line camber to the bottom. Maybe I’ll round the corners over. Who knows? In any case, it might look pretty good, but I did a fast, slap-dash job on it, so I won’t be surprised if it falls apart or just looks bad.

pencil holder

Oh well. Hoping for better weather tomorrow and Thursday!





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