A Ring for Cora

published on 2015-02-14


Recently, in order to give myself things to do, I decided I’d start making bent wood rings. There are a few reasons for this new hobby, including (but not limited to) I want something to do and this seems pretty easy. Well, where better to start than by making rings for those closest to me? And here’s the next installment in that series:

ring, view 1

I started by making a ring for myself, especially since it seems my wedding ring finger has lost a size or so, meaning my wedding ring has just flown off a couple times. I decided, in the interest of not losing it, to putting it on my keys so it’s always with me and so it won’t just randomly fall off. It turned out; a little thin and with a couple imperfections, but not bad for my first go. It’s walnut, so it has a nice look to it.

Next, since I’ve already made a ring for Shanin, I decided to make one for Cora. I tried to make a bent ring using some Padauk veneer, but her teeny tiny fingers are just too small to bend wood around. She really actually wanted the wenge I had from another project, so I decided to make it a solid ring by drilling a hole from a bigger disk and polishing it.

And this worked pretty well. Despite the fact that I had to take the disk down about an inch and a half of diameter (my smallest hole saw was way too huge for a ring) – and that’s A LOT of sanding – I was able to get a pretty good result. After all was said and done, I got a pretty good looking, albeit tiny, ring. Here it is with a quarter for scale:

ring, quarter for scale

The end result is that she likes it and has worn it to day care (not to preschool; they have a sandbox that she virtually never leaves!) This is encouraging to me, so I think I’ll make some more!