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\r\n So, when we left off in the previous installment <a href=\"http://www.i-josh.com/2014/11/19/ubuntu-setup-round-1/\">found here</a>, I had determined what the success requirement for setting up full Ubuntu-ness to my liking. Now, we're actually going to do it! Hold onto your butts!

Get hard drive ready

\r\n As mentioned I was going to dual-boot Win7 and Ubuntu until I'd determined I'd gotten everything I needed. The first thing to do is to put aside some space for the installation. I've got several HDD's and an SSD; I'll want it on the SSD eventually, so might as well put it there first.

Make room


So, I decided to, once again, try out Ubuntu. The main draw of it is the downright usability and... serveriness aspect of it. Command-line which is part of the real OS (not like Windows), ability to host a site locally rather than from a VM, if I so choose, etc. However, I have been burned int he past because, well, with Windows comes the rich environments one would expect to exist for an OS which is the vast majority of the market share. OSX has great support too, don't get me wrong; it's a great combination of lots of support...