Death of a Project

published on 2015-05-26

It’s never easy saying good bye. Sometimes you see it coming, sometimes you intuit that it’s going to happen, and sometimes it smacks you out of left field. Today’s departure was of the smacking variety.

While this is less the project being blatantly axed and more the project being put on hold (at least, that’s the messaging), I’ve only seen one project come back from the shelf, so I don’t hold high faith for this one. I’ll be doing the best I can to spend a cycle or two on it to keep it up to date - you know, just in case it does come back from the dead - because that’s the best type of memorial we can make.

It’s disappointing and discouraging to tell your team that, even though they’ve been doing a killer job and have really done nothing wrong, external to the project have changed, and we won’t be shipping this particular feature. It’s a good feature. It’s a great feature. It just won’t work right now. It’s especially difficult to tell them this the first day after a week (and, in at least one case, a weekend) of crunching; I have to be more communicative about how it really isn’t due to the performance of the team, it’s just the external dependencies which have changed.

Hopefully, I can get something good for these guys; I think they were discouraged about this, and they deserve something fun to do. That’s my task for the next few days, finding a fun project.

You know, one that doesn’t get axed.