LEGO Porsche Assembly Timelapse

published on 2017-11-20

First off, I’m no film maker. I like to be creative, and I feel I have a sense of artistry, but I’m totally at a loss when it comes to how to make film (or video as I guess it should be called now). Therefore, I fake it with gimmicks. You know, things like building a time lapse of me assembling a large LEGO project; you’ve seen the evidence of this before, I’m sure!

My most recent project was the massive Porsche 911 GT3 RS model that LEGO released in 2016, set number 42056. This thing is 1:8 scale which is just HUGE. Basically everything works more or less as it would in a production car, from easy things like suspension to more difficult things like transmission Drive and Reverse and the flappy paddle gear box which actually changes gears! This thing is truly incredible.

LEGO Porsche 911 GT3 RS View 1

I’m considering putting a lighting system in it, but I don’t really feel like spending the money at the moment. I did set up a special place for it on my shelves, and it’s lit from the top by a strip of RGB LED lights. I have to do something with the strip since the adhesive it comes with sucks and didn’t hold the strip, but it’s fun to cycle through the colors; I know Cora loves it!

LEGO Porsche 911 GT3 RS View 2

Any rate, about the time lapse; I wanted to go more artsy with it, so I thought of how I could make it more epic. This led to the music, then to the various inserted cuts. I find that just watching a time lapse start to finish is a little boring since there’s nothing new about it; I wanted to change that and inject some points of interest. Therefore, after each box (there are 4), I took some progress pics and to kinda give a sense of scale of the epicness of this build. I borrowed a 40mm prime lens from a friend in order to do this; I wanna buy it, but see above about not wanting to spend the money.

Any rate, enough words; here’s the time lapse!




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