Ebony Ring for Shanin

published on 2015-04-16

So, I like making rings. I’ve been working at getting better at it, but I haven’t done too many lately. The only problem with making rings is you kinda have to have places to put the rings. Now, I wouldn’t mind selling some rings (hint hint, if there’s anyone out there who wants a custom-made wooden ring), but at the moment, I’ve only got a few people to make for.

Of course, one of those people is Shanin. And here’s the latest one I made for her:

bent wood ebony ring

This isn’t the first bent wood ring I’ve made, but it’s the best by far. I made this one out of Macassar Ebony veneer, and it fits Shanin perfectly! I spent quite a bit of time on the finish of it; I still think I can do better, so the next one I make I’ll do that. Either that or start trying inlay, which I’m dying to do!

Any rate, let me know in the comments what you think… or if, you know, you want a ring like this; I’ve got several different species of wood ready to go!