Slouchy Beanie

published on 2015-03-13

The latest in my “Knitting on the Train” series is a slouchy beanie!

Slouchy beanie

It took me a few days to make, but I think almost half of that time was only the last few rows. I knit this one in the round, using a broken rib stitch (one row knit-purl, one row all knit). This was almost my first time using double-pointed needles; that’s why the last few rows were so tough!

Slouchy beanie on me

I kinda like the way it fits; not too tight, doesn’t really have a beanie look. However, it’s a little big. But it’s soft and not too warm and very comfy, so overall I’m happy with it. Plus, I think it looks good, so there we are. On to the next knitting project! Any ideas or recommendations, leave them in the comments!