Ubuntu setup, round 2

published on 2015-03-03

\r\n So, when we left off in the previous installment <a href=\"http://www.i-josh.com/2014/11/19/ubuntu-setup-round-1/\">found here</a>, I had determined what the success requirement for setting up full Ubuntu-ness to my liking. Now, we're actually going to do it! Hold onto your butts!

Get hard drive ready

\r\n As mentioned I was going to dual-boot Win7 and Ubuntu until I'd determined I'd gotten everything I needed. The first thing to do is to put aside some space for the installation. I've got several HDD's and an SSD; I'll want it on the SSD eventually, so might as well put it there first.

Make room

\r\n If you're going to be resizing a hard drive partition (as I'd need to do), it's best to clear up some room. Unless, of course, you've already got tons of space, but I don't. So, let's do some disk cleanup!

    \r\n \r\n
  1. Hit the Start button, then type \"disk cleanup\" into the search bar. Click on the \"Disk Cleanup\" app\r\n \r\n

    \r\n <img src=\"http://www.i-josh.com/uploads/Selection001.png\">\r\n

  2. \r\n \r\n
  3. In this screen, select everything you feel you can clean up (I chose \"everything\" because, well, I felt I could clear it all up). This screenshot is from a clean install, but I was able to clear up about 6 GB\r\n \r\n

    \r\n <img src=\"http://www.i-josh.com/uploads/Selection002.png\">\r\n

Check disk for errors

\r\ You should probably check your disk for any errors before resizing the partition. I... to be honest, I really don't know what this achieves, but it's probably a good idea to fix stuff up before moving it all around a hard drive; that way you have a better chance of fixing it properly and not losing the integrity of your drive.

    \r\n \r\n
  1. Open up Windows Explorer, right click on whichever drive you're going to shrink (C in my case), and select \"properties\"
  2. \r\n
  3. Go to the \"Tools\" tab and click \"Check now...\" under \"Error checking\".
  4. On the \"Check Disk <whatever your disk is>\" dialog, make sure both checkboxes are checked and hit \"Start\"
  5. <img src=\"http://www.i-josh.com/uploads/Selection004.png\">

  6. This is going to prompt you to reboot your computer; go ahead and do it. It'll be a while booting up because it's doing all the error checking.

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