Daisy Stitch Knit Hat

published on 2015-02-10

So, one of the hobbies or crafts or whatever I’ve gotten into from time to time is knitting. I made a pretty nice scarf for Shanin, a matching hat (kinda had trouble joining it up on top), and a scarf and a hat for my brother Lucas (neither of which were very good). Recently, I’ve gotten back into it a little. I made a scarf for Cora and one for myself (will have other post(s) for those later) and was happy with the way Cora’s turned out.

Because I like hats, I decided to knit a hat for myself. I browsed through various (easy!) patterns and found one I liked on this blog. It had the right mix of not-completely-boring and easy-to-make, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

My hat selfie

Turned out pretty good, I think. Of course, the first thing Shanin says to me is “it would look better on a girl”. So now I’m basically too self-conscious to wear the damn thing. Boo!

hat flat

Any rate, if there’s anyone out there who wants a nice, hand-made, warm hat which looks pretty good FOR FREE, just lemme know. Since my site isn’t fully operational, hit me up on Facebook and lemme know. Seriously, it’s free. I know the second picture makes it loko uneven, but it really isn’t; it’s the best hat I’ve made yet. It’s a little loose where I seamed it together on top, but that’s about it.


q: What size is it?

a: I dunno; slightly tight on me? So… normal? When I go go-karting, I wear a large size helmet, if that helps