Kiss Box

published on 2014-06-11

Kiss box

Why “Kiss Box”? It’s based on this book that Cora likes: The Kiss Box

Purpleheart box, mitered and glued together. Used splines to hopefully add strength to the joints, though the purpleheart really glues up well. The splines and the top are made from leopardwood, and the bottom is made from Macassar ebony. The edges of the box have been chamfered just a little to give some interest.

The box feels very solid and has some heft to it. The top stays on with friction in two orientations and just fits nicely in the other two but doesn’t stay closed. The inside is sanded somewhat but is unfinished. I probably put 5 hours of work into it and bought probably $40 worth of wood… though I did get a ring from the rest of the wood.

All in all, I like it and am proud of it, but feel there are a lot of faults with it. I think the biggest fault is in properly thicknessing the wood; I don’t have power tools to do the work for me and don’t have the requisite skill, honed hand tools, or sturdy bench to do the work by hand. Oh well, practice, practice, practice!