Starting the 30 Days (plus 11) of Card Magic!

published on 2017-08-21

Yeah, I figured it would end up being this. I mean, I really want to learn how to do neat card tricks (not that I have an audience, but still) and I've been watching videos of them for some time. I was trying to do something else, but I figured "why wait? 30 Days is for me to do what I want; I don't need to balance things from want to need to whatever else".

And so I decided that I'm going to do magic! For the next 30 days (plus 11 because I'll just carry it through the end of August too), I'm going to do 30 minutes of magic practicing every day AND video myself to see that it looks good AND upload it to YouTube so I can track my visual progress. I want to improve and I've seen plenty of tricks which look good from someone else's perspective but don't look good from the magician's perspective. Since wowing the audience is key, I need to see what it looks like from their perspective.

However, uploading it to YouTube is just like one pass through the trick; I need to also watch my progress as I'm going along. Unfortunately, the camera in my iMac is probably too high to actually pick anything up, but I'll try that out. Failing that, I don't know if I'll just use a mirror (which I don't have) or get some camera which can be used for live preview on the iMac (which I don't have). Sucks that my Nikon, GoPro, and Sony don't have live view software; I'm trying out one for Shanin's Canon.

Any rate, that's my thing. So far, I've got 1 of 1 done! Next post covers that. Ciao!




Magic, day 1

Magic, day 2