July - August 30 Days update

published on 2017-08-01

Well, I didn't get 100% completion on my 30 Days goal in July; I got 19 days out of 31 so, while I did the majority of them, I didn't quite get 2/3s. Turns out it's kinda difficult to do two things every day: find something that's photo-worthy every day (some days I kinda cheated, but overall, I feel I stuck to the spirit), and actually remember to do that. I'd often find myself at 11:30 at night saying "Damn! I forgot to take a photo!"

Ultimately though, while the 30 Days thing is supposed to be a stab at setting habits (after all, that's part of the significance of 30 Days), one also has to get into the habit of trying to set a habit, if that makes sense. I have to get used to doing X every day and I didn't do that very well last month.

To try and prevent that, this month I'm going to set myself a goal which is pretty easily achievable to help getting into the habit of doing something every day. Also, I may as well use this time to get some stuff handled which I've been putting off for some time. I figure that 30 Days is about self-improvement, and one of the ways I want to improve is to be able to complete large tasks on which I continually procrastinate; getting these things moved to the "Done" column makes me feel better and may also motivate me to do that more.

In that spirit, August is going to be the month of Photo Management. I have about 3500 photos in a generic Camera Uploads directory from Dropbox and... well, I don't want them there, I want them in my photo catalog. Therefore, for August, I'm going to process 100 photos per day. More is acceptable, of course, but the idea is to just run through this; if I only do 100 per day, then the remainder at the end of the month will be a totally manageable ~500 photos. Also, I can do this at night, 100 won't take me that long, and it shouldn't be frustrating, so it should be good for me to practice forming habits.

A side note: I have a few days where I'm going on vacation; to that end, I don't realistically expect to get 31 days this month; therefore I'm shooting for >25 days. If I get that, I will consider that a 100% success. So, I guess it's really "only" 2500 photos I'll handle. Oh well :-)




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